Churchill Dance-A-Thon



On Thursday April 5, 2018, Churchill held its first ever Dance-a-Thon!  This was an opportunity for students to dance as well as help raise money for the schoolyard.

Students grouped with their tree families and then each tree faDance-a-thon from Kate [DSF_4693]mily went to 4 different classrooms to learn 4 different dance routines.  The groups then gathered in the gym to dance all together. A lot of fun was had!

Here are a few comments from the day:

    • “The Dance-a-thon was a terrific event! My students thoroughly enjoyed dancing with their own Tree Family and with the student in the Tree Family that they were partnered with.  The students in Tiiu’s class did aDance-a-thon from Kate [DSF_4713]n awesome job of being great role models and leaders, as they walked the students through the new dances everyone was learning.In addition to being a good fundraising activity, it was a wonderful opportunity for Team Building! A great demonstration of multi-age groupings at work, too!”
    • “That was one of the “funnest” Tree Family events!”
  • “I loved how well organized this initiative was. Tiiu and her students were amazing! Everyone was engaged, on task and having fun. The “student teachers” were patient, flexible, fun and had great energy! I especially enjoyed ending the initiative as a school and dancinDance-a-thon.P1220282g together to the new dances. As a teacher, I was delighted to see former students (who may have struggled in the past) fully participating and SHINING as leaders. This was one of the best full school wide initiatives!”

In financial terms, the day was also a huge success.  We raised $6,588 through our online portal and over $7,500 in cash and cheques for a grant total of around $14,000!!!  That means we’re about $19,500 away from building our log jam.

Dance-a-thon.P1220292Dance-a-Thon Documents: