Upper Yard Concept Plan!

After many years of discussing the need for a new Churchill Upper Yard we’re getting close to seeing it happen!  CASC has approved a yard concept and fundraising plan informed by everything that we’ve heard to date from Churchill families, staff and the OCDSB.  We’re excited to share:


The budget for this plan is $130,000.  As of February 2018, we have approx. $95,000 secured.  Thanks to all of your contributions – especially last year when we reached out for donations – we have enough money in the bank or committed to build everything except the log jam feature in the summer of 2018!

But we really want the log jam. This means that we will need to raise another $35,000 by the end of June.  While the timeline may delay the construction of the log jam until summer 2019, it will definitely be worth it.  Stay tuned as we unveil our upcoming FUNdraising activities.

With an exciting plan in hand and the bulk of the money in the bank we’re all lined up to make this happen.*  Check out our FAQ for more details about the project.

The design includes:

  • Features made of natural materials (stumps, logs, rocks) that reflect the feedback we heard from parents, teachers and students for more nature elements.
  • A “circulation route” around the perimeter for students to run along (without running into students that are playing in the yard).
  • A log retainer with sitting stumps and boulders to level the yard and offer some features that can be used in the winter.  Anything raised, like a play structure, in the yard can not be used in the winter BUT the retaining wall is a part of the landscape and so can still be used when the structures are closed.LogJamPic
  • Centrepiece features: a set of monkey bars (highly requested by everyone) and a “log jam” (an example is pictured, right).  The log jam will encourage creative play and create a more natural feel in the yard.
  • An enclosed sand box for students who love to dig.
  • Full accessibility according to current standards.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us this far!

Please get in touch at groundedinplay@gmail.com if you can help with fundraising or communications (or if you have any questions).

* We really are ready to roll, unlike last year where delays that were out of our control meant that a 2017 build didn’t happen.  Again – check out our FAQ for more details